Below are some platforms and events where you can find a comprehensive list of webinars in the Philippines:

  1. Virtual Events, Fairs, and Conventions in PH – This site offers a list of different webinars covering an array of topics. One noteworthy event mentioned is the Manila International Book Fair.

  2. Eventbrite Philippines Webinar Events – Eventbrite hosts numerous webinars in different cities like Cebu City, Pasig City, and Taguig City.

  3. BSI Group Philippines – The organization hosts several upcoming webinars, including on-demand ones, covering various sectors.

  4. Webinars Finders – This platform lets you search for upcoming webinars in 2021 in your specific country and category.

  5. Businessmaker Academy Philippines – This academy hosts several scheduled webinars, including both live online and blended in-person & online formats.

  6. Philippine Primer Workshops, Classes & Seminars – This resource offers webinars on specific areas like photography and videography.

  7. Best in People Webinars – This site hosted by Jef Menguin has a list of live webinars focusing on leadership skills, personal growth, and improving interpersonal relationships.

Always ensure that the event details and registration requirements correspond with each webinar schedule, as they may be subject to change based on the organizers’ preferences.

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