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Experience the Ease of Renting Your Extra Space in the Philippines


In these times, making the most out of the resources at hand is not just convenient, but also essential. One such resource is your extra space – a room, an apartment, or even a garage, sitting vacant when it could be a source of income. In this guide, we’ll help you navigate the potential of renting out your extra space in the Philippines.

The Landscape of Renting Out Extra Space in the Philippines

The Philippines, with its growing population and perpetual urbanization, has seen an increase in the demand for rented spaces. Metro cities like Manila, Cebu, and Davao lead the demand for space, both residential and commercial.

Guide to Renting Out Extra Space

Preparing your space: Before you list your place, make sure it is tidy, well-maintained, and appealing. Basic amenities such as electricity and water should be in working condition. Furnishing is optional, though a furnished space might attract better rent.

Legalities: It is paramount that you fully understand local laws and regulations. Considerations may include zoning laws, registration of rental agreement, and tax implications.

Pricing and negotiation: Setting the right price can be pivotal. Research similar spaces in your area to get an idea of the average prices. Be ready to negotiate but always have the least amount you’re willing to accept in mind.

Listing Your Space: Best Practices

A high-quality picture of your space can immediately draw attention. Make sure to capture your space in a flattering light. When it comes to the description, be clear and detailed. Include the size and type of space, location, and the amenities provided.

Case Studies

Case 1: John transformed his unused guest room in Cebu into a cozy bed-and-breakfast for travelers. This not only brought him income but also great reviews and recurring bookings.

Case 2: Maria converted the top floor of her property in Manila into small office spaces rented out to startups and freelancers. The steady income has been instrumental in offsetting her mortgage payments.

How to Rent Your Extra Space Through Our Service

Listing your extra space on our platform is a breeze. A simple registration process, straightforward listing guidelines, and a team ready to help ensures an easy journey from listing your space to welcoming your first renter. Moreover, we take care of the legalities, negotiations, and also provide marketing support, making our platform the smart choice for renters.


Renting out your extra space in the Philippines can be a profitable endeavor. The key to success is understanding the market, preparing your space, setting the right price, and managing your listing effectively. So, don’t let that extra space sit idle – turn it into a bustling hub, a home away from home, or the perfect office. List your space today and watch it transform into steady income tomorrow.

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